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FireDevil is a robust and powerful propane torch for glass bead making. It's compact and easy to place, you can make beads everywhere you like.

The FireDevil has a perfect balanced flame which minimizes any darkening of light coloured glass. It's designed and developed exclusively for making glass beads, marbles and small sculptural work, but also very suitable for making jewellery. altThe FireDevil can easily process all type of soft glass, even "alabaster", because of the excellent gas/air mixture.

As opposed to traditional propane torches, you can adjust the air level of the FireDevil to meet the specific requirements of making special glass beads, simply by turning the air control ring that covers the air holes.

The unique design of the FireDevil provides more air to the burning gas and makes that this torch head produces a clean, extremely hot flame. The melting point of glass will be reached faster.

Open the valve on your gas bottle/tank, adjust the regulator to 4 Bar/58 PSI and open the valve of the burner slowly. Make sure that the air control ring covers the air holes on the burner. alt

Now light the burner and you’ll see that the flame is ‘dancing’. Let the burner warm up a few moments before you, slowly, slide the air control ring backwards so the burner will suck it’s own air what’s needed for a perfect flame.

The burner should work perfectly now. When you are done with the work you first close the valve on the bottle/tank and let the flame ‘die’.

Close the valve of the burner! Keep in mind that there will be some gas left in the tube! Propane gas is highly flamable or explosive so please remove equipment from the bottle/tank only in open air and NEVER inside the house. ALWAYS(!!!) use a regulator that is adjustable to 4 Bar/58 PSI. and use the right wrench to fasten the regulator to the gasvalve.

A flame almost is invisable in sunlight and can course burning wounds. Make sure when you work with propane burners that you be carefull with cloth and bodyparts to avoid accidents. Everywhere where Propane gas is used, you should keep in mind that Propane is highly flamable.
Make sure that you have a fire-extinguisher in place!  Click here for the manual

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